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Join us at our upcoming Sessioned Day at Goodwood on the 3rd of July. Places are very limited as this is a rare noisy day 105db static/101dB drive by) so book now!


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A few words from our instructor Mark Hales

Mark Hales’ racing career has provided a great depth of diverse experience in all kinds of different cars as well as an opportunity to develop the complex mental tools which are essential to an understanding of the track driver’s art. The parallel career as a writer has given Mark the chance to develop effective communication techniques. The ability to express that understanding in an understandable and non-technical style.

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Become a member of the Classic Tracks Car Club Premier and get access to all UK track days. You will also benefit from 20% discount on all car hire and receive a free enamel Car Club Premier badge.

All for £1,000 per annum.

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Women only and novice sessions available

We will be announcing our women-only track days very soon, if you’re interested in hearing more about these sessions, please contact us.

For less experienced drivers, choose a novice-only track day, that is sessioned for novices. There is some comfort in knowing you will be on track with people of a similar ability, and you will all be learning together.

Do read our Classic Tracks novices guide to track days – it contains lots of tips on how to make your day fun, exciting and safe.