At classic tracks, we set out to create an environment where classic car owners can drive exclusively on track with like minded classic car owners, without other non-classics spoiling their experience. But what is a classic car? Obviously, the definition is partly in the eye of the beholder, but for our purposes it is a car that either handles like a classic car or is a car that you might find in Classic and Sportscar or Octane. With my other hat, I help to run a classic car show in Gloucestershire. For the purposes of that show and Classic Tracks we aim to be inclusive rather than snobby about what the definition is. From Austin Healey to Bristol, Ford Escort Mexico to Sierra Cosworth, Alfa Romeo Giulietta to Fiat X19. If you happen to have a Ferrari 250 GTO you would also be most welcome!

It might be easier to define it by saying what we wouldn’t want on track- Radicals, sports prototypes, modern Caterhams or Subaru Imprezas or Mitsubshi Evos with 400 bhp. In general cars with four-wheel drive are not compatible with our vision, although if you do have a Jensen FF or Sierra XR4i you would be most welcome!

If in doubt, please ask! We can accommodate open wheeled race cars or classic sports prototypes on our Test Days, where you will need a race licence to sign on and you are then free to time.

So what is welcome? Almost any TVR, most traditional Morgans, classic Lotuses, A.Cs, Jensens, MGs pre-Metro/Maestro, classic Maseratis, air cooled Porsches, the list goes on.