How to drive Snetterton- The Bomb Hole and Coram- Mark Hales


The Bomb Hole
More free time and a relatively early turn. The road falls away from the crown towards the outside from the mid point so in order to carry speed through and avoid slithering into oversteer after the apex, you need to steal as much track to the right as possible. There’s a drain cover in the kerb just near the apex and most cars will stand a couple of wheels over it but a lot depends on commitment. If you attack the corner and make an early turn, saying “I am going to put two wheels to the right of that,” the car digs in the two left side wheels and grips, and the weight lifts from the right hand pair which then floats over the kerb as if it wasn’t there. Lose commitment just as you turn and too much kerb will unsettle the car. You should work up to this and be careful. At least you can see almost the whole corner before you turn.

Bear in mind too, that the road levels out at the top of the rise on the exit and you can suddenly find yourself with another load of oversteer that you didn’t expect. If that happens, make the apex a little bit later next time and give yourself a touch more room on the exit. Either that, or go in more slowly.

Coram Curve
Together with the Bombhole, this is a great sequence, but you string the pair together and treat it as such, only if you get the Bombhole right. A better exit means you will be carrying that much more speed towards Coram, and because it’s very slightly uphill, probably in the next gear up. Work up to it – please – and decide if, or how much, you need to lift – but in many cars you can find the desire to touch the brake pedal disappears. The temptation is then to delay the turn in and open out the entry so that you can accelerate harder by the apex – like the text book says. The potential problem in doing that is twofold; the road crests and falls away to the left as you get there, and the track is dirty just where you need to turn.

You need to research carefully on the day, but usually it pays to  start easing across the road after you crest the rise which follows the Bombhole, then hug the right hand kerb through the middle part of Coram, gently squeezing on the power and allowing the car to run out towards the left only when you see the corner open up. The risk of turning early is the same as always, that it will send you wide before the car and the corner are ready. There’s a dirty off-camber outside part towards the exit too and that will then try and claim you, by which time you are going pretty fast. It is a very long corner so best to aim further round, ease gently over, hug the kerb, then release the car.