Classic Tracks cars- review of the season

Having done eight track days already, it seems useful to review some of the fantastic cars we have had on track. If you have a similar car, bring it along, and if you’re not sure if it is a Classic Tracks car please contact us.

So, in alphabetical order, here we go…..

Alfa-Romeo GTV6- we had a pair of these at Goodwood, courtesy of Chris Snowdon Racing.

Alfa-Romeo GTA. Another Italian beauty that graced our Goodwood day.

Alfa-Romeo GTV 916

Aston Martin DB9- this looked and sounded glorious. The owner was even able to re-create a classic photo of an Aston Martin DB4 GT using his similarly coloured car.

Austin-Healey Sprite


Ford Escort Mark 1 Mexico- resplendent in yellow at our Donington Park evening.

Ford Sierra Cosworth

Honda NSX Series 1

Jaguar E-type

Jaguar XJ6- this car used our Castle Combe day for some pre-race shakedown time.

Lotus Elan Mark 1

Maserati 200s- this absolutely gorgeous car graced our Goodwood day.

Maserati 3200GT

MG Midget



Mini Cooper (classic) This car had enormous fun being exercised at our Donington Park evening.

Morgan 4/4

Morgan +4

Morgan +8

Morgan Speedster

Morgan 3-wheeler (5 speed)

Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera (1985)

Porsche 924

Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5A

Triumph Spitfire

TVR Chimaera

TVR Grantura

TVR T400

Volkswagen Scirocco Mark 1