You might ask how I came to run a track day company, and it would be a good question!

My father had a series of sports cars in the 70s and 80s that are now classics – a TVR Taimar, a TVR 3000M, a Morgan 4/4 4 seater and a Morgan 4/4 2 seater, resplendent in the then popular nut brown. We would go to VSCC meetings together in the cars, and this sparked an interest in cars and racing.

In my 20s, other distractions took precedence, and I rediscovered my interest when visiting a friend’s house in Wales. We were put up in a spare room where his father had lots of old copies of Classic and Sportscar, and browsing through these I decided I would like to have a car sportier than our then transport, a tutti-frutti purple Nissan Micra! We were lucky enough to inherit a 90s Mini Cooper from my mother-in-law, which was a great car, if a little cramped for transporting children.

I part exchanged the Cooper for a Morgan 4/4 4 seater on the basis that our small children could go in the back – something they only did once! They did however take it in turns to come in the front passenger seat with me from an early age – they are now teenagers, but will fall asleep almost as soon as they are in the Morgan.

On the basis that it was faster and cheaper, I swapped the Royal Ivory 4-seater for a red competition – prepared 4-seater Morgan. I owned FTT 222V for 10 years, in which time I sprinted and hill climbed it, before moving onto racing in the Morgan Challenge. Despite driving to and from circuits, and camping when there, I managed to win Class D in 2014.

FTT went to a new guardian this year, as part exchange against a car I had long yearned to own – a Morgan Roadster Lightweight, a stripped-out road legal race car. My car is the one rolled by a footballer in the celebrity race at Silverstone Classic and subsequently rebuilt by the factory. It has been joined by another all black special – a Morgan 4/4 Sport Competition, ideal for use at our track days.

I was lucky enough to be able to stop teaching this year, with the aid of money I received from my parent’s estate. My father would have been delighted to know that some of the money he earned is still going into Morgans! So, the idea of Classic Tracks was born, a home for classic car owners who are passionate about driving, and want to enjoy their pride and joys on some of Britain and Europe’s finest racetracks.

Prior to teaching I spent ten years working in the Wine Trade, so I hope that after you have enjoyed one of our track days, you will be able to partake of a glass of wine chosen by me.