A highly successful racing driver, writer and publisher

In a career spanning more than 40 years, Mark Hales has raced or tested almost every type of car ever built. He has also developed a parallel career as a writer which has earnt world-wide recognition for an ability to sit the reader in the driving seat and take them along for the drive. This combination of driving and writing skills is key to the driver coaching programmes which Mark has developed over the last 10 years.

My passion for cars and driving began as it did for so many similar youngsters in the carefree days of the late 1960s; whatever I drove had to be driven faster than anything or anybody else. I endured the driving bans when officialdom didn’t share my passion for speed, suffered the shunts when the pace exceeded knowledge and experience. And I was always skint. Any money I had always went on something with wheels and an engine, and always accounted for the entire amount available at the time.

Mark Hales’ racing career has provided a great depth of diverse experience in all kinds of different cars as well as an opportunity to develop the complex mental tools which are essential to an understanding of the track driver’s art. The parallel career as a writer has given Mark the chance to develop effective communication techniques. The ability to express that understanding in an understandable and non-technical style.

Mark does not provide instruction, he creates a learning partnership with the student. Once the student understands what they are trying to achieve, and more important, creates their own way to accomplish the task, they will own the knowledge. This is coaching. The student knows the route and the thinking that produced the result. They are then able to use the strategy somewhere else.