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What is a track day?

A track day is a chance to drive your car on a racetrack with no speed limits. The day is non-competitive and timing is not allowed. Overtaking is usually just on the left and by consent. You need a driving licence and a car that is well-maintained.

What is a test day?

A test day is a day devoted to the testing of race cars. Timing is allowed, but you need to have a current race licence to take part. The day is usually sessioned so that cars of similar performance can be grouped together.

Am I insured on a track day?

Generally your road insurance will not cover damage to your car on a track day, however, many classic car insurers will cover you if you let them know in advance of the day.

What format does the day take?

The day begins with sign-on and registration from 8.00-9.00. There will then be a briefing before cars are checked to see how loud the exhaust is. The track then opens for the morning. Lunch means the track is closed for an hour, with the day continuing in the afternoon until 5pm or the light goes.

Do I need to bring anything?

The only essential is your driving licence, although if you have your own helmet then please bring this. Helmets are available for hire if you do not have your own. You must ensure that your arms and legs are covered, so make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing.

How much track time will I get?

This depends on if the day is sessioned or open pit-lane. Assuming there are no stoppages for red-flags the track is open from 9-5 apart from lunch. Sessions are generally 30 minutes long. On open pit lane days the track does not close, so you get as much time as you can accumulate. Please bear in mind that you need to give both yourself and your car breaks!

Can a hire a car for the day?

Yes, we have two cars available for hire. Please see the hire car tab on our website.

Can you accommodate novices?

Apart from test-days, novices are welcome on all our days and will receive both familiarisation laps and 15 minutes of free tuition.